How Countrywide proves the value of unified communications for businesses with multiple locations

April 8, 2014 in UK by

At Connected Business last month, Countrywide’s Senior Infrastructure Designer, Information Technology, Adam Beadsmoore, spoke about how unified communications has transformed communication for the property services business. The challenge of multiple locations Large businesses with multiple sites present very complex communications challenges and Countrywide is no different. Countrywide employs over 10,000 people in 1,100 locations nationwide, under 46 different local high street brands that undertake sales, lettings and management of commercial and residential property. Beadsmoore highlighted some big stats on the legacy communications system. The business was using 1,100 standalone ageing telephony systems and more than 12,000 PSTN telephone lines. Together with limited contact centre capability, different suppliers and virtually no reporting capability or disaster recovery strategy, this resulted in a number of lost calls, which needed to be addressed. Immediate results with MiVoice and MiContact Centre Enterprise It’s easy to understand why, faced with this complexity, a unified communications solution [...]


The rise of UCaaS: moving communication to the cloud

April 4, 2014 in UK by

The UCaaS market is growing. Recent research published in the MarketsandMarkets comprehensive 2013-2018 UCaaS report indicates that 2014 represents the beginning of the technology’s wide-spread adoption. By 2018, revenue is expected to more than double from its current $2.52 billion to $7.62 billion. This rise is no surprise, given the need for businesses to support an increasing number of communication channels and interactions, without committing to a corresponding increase in investment. Many businesses understand the benefits of a UC solution in improving employee productivity, streamlining processes and boosting interaction across the organisation, but economic conditions and budgets can present a challenge to justifying the initial investment. If this is the case, the flexibility and easy scalability of a cloud-based communications solution, or UCaaS, should be considered. If you can answer yes to any of the following then UCaaS could provide your business with the route to benefiting from unified communication [...]


Mitel Helps Universities and Colleges Stay Connected

March 28, 2014 in Business Communications by

As the March Madness bracket narrows, it’s time to focus on business communications and strategies to help universities and colleges connect students, staff and administration.  Mitel is demonstrating best practices for higher education, including cloud communications in Dallas this week at the annual conference for the Association of College and University Telecommunications Administrators (ACUTA). In fact, we are at the ACUTA conference joining a number of our customers, including Michigan Technological University, Northeastern University, University of Kentucky and Wake Forest.  Mitel’s recent merger with Aastra Technologies has only strengthened our higher education offering, expanding our market reach. Texas A&M (Learn more) and Iowa State University (Learn more), for example are deploying cloud business communications solutions. Mitel provides business communications solutions to universities and colleges across the US and around the world.  North of border in Canada, Mitel provides communications for Carleton University, Canadore College, Dawson College, Memorial University and many [...]


Do Not Disturb: Avoiding the Cost of Network Downtime in Hotels

March 28, 2014 in Unified Communications by

In the competitive hospitality industry, initiatives that improve customer loyalty and increase revenue can give players an edge. Conversely, missteps can drive customers to a competitor in the blink of an eye. Top-notch guest service through leading edge Mitel Unified Communication (UC) solutions is giving hotels an edge. From wireless front desk systems to voice messaging, IVR auto attendant and contact center systems, deploying the right technologies results in responsive guest services that keep customers coming back. To avoid losing this goodwill, hotels need to monitor and manage all of these systems around the clock. Ensuring uptime is more than just a matter of goodwill, in fact – recent studies report that corporate revenue drops an average of 29 percent during a period of downtime1, and losses to the hospitality industry increased by over 100% between 2010 and 2013 due to network downtime2. Mitel’s MarWatch solution, which offers secure remote access [...]


You Have a Lot Riding on Your Contact Center

March 28, 2014 in Contact Center by

Remember that popular television ad from the 1980’s that reminded drivers how much is ‘riding on your tires’? The message resonated because its premise is simple – when there is a lot at stake, don’t leave things to chance. Businesses that rely on MiContact Center are a little bit like the drivers targeted by this advertisement – they have a lot riding on the successful operation of their contact center.  The recent launch of MiContact Center Business/Enterprise 7 with next generation multimedia capabilities highlights the growing role multi-channel contact centers now play in revenue growth and customer retention. Typically the customer’s first touchpoint with the company, the contact center is the hub for incoming voice calls, web chats, emails and social media from customers. It’s where problems are addressed, sales are made and upgrades are purchased. Downtime for contact centers can damage a service reputation that’s taken years to build, and cause [...]


Neil Hyndman – Day 2 from Enterprise Connect

March 19, 2014 in Uncategorized by

With another day under our belts at Enterprise Connect – Mitel did not fail to deliver again today.  The new day brought more exciting announcements from Mitel. Although Mitel remains dominantly a software provider of call control, collaboration and messaging – Mitel continues to manufacture a great line up of IP endpoints.  Coming from the recent merger of Mitel and Aastra, Mitel delivered its latest IP phone from their SIP-only line up of IP endpoints – the Mitel 6800i SIP phone.  The Mitel 6800i SIP Phone is a great looking device that features a large, color display and built-in GigE LAN interface. After checking out the Mitel 6800i, I took some time to walk around the convention floor and compared all the IP endpoints from all of the different manufactures.  Hands down, Mitel has the best looking phones on the market.  From the 5304 – all the way to the [...]


Neil Hyndman – Day 1 from Enterprise Connect

March 18, 2014 in Uncategorized by

Today marked Day One of Enterprise Connect 2014.  It was an exciting day and the event has kicked off with a big bang!  The attendance count this year must be a record level!  The front desk was telling me they are at 100% occupancy tonight and guests are being bussed to other local hotels. My first stop today was at the Mitel booth (booth number 607) on the convention floor.  There were so many people visiting the Mitel booth – one could hardly fit in.  With the recent merger of Mitel and Aastra there were plenty of new things to see and talk about.  Mitel has a number of demonstrations going on at the booth – including the latest MiCollab desktop and smartphone clients, MiContact Center 7.0 (just released!) and also a sit-down theater (right in the booth) that was demonstrating Mitel’s MiCloud UCaaS.  In addition to the sit-down theater [...]


Are You Leveraging Presence Tools to Maximize Mobility?

February 25, 2014 in Mobility Solutions by

Surveys repeatedly say today’s workers are focused on abandoning the traditional office environment. This drive has intensified with the introduction of UCC as the tech generation has entered the professional ranks. The trend is noticeable in Gartner’s published expectations that 75 percent of mobile solutions will be fully integrated into enterprise communications infrastructures by 2016. Fortunately, the tools needed are readily available today. And while each UCC component plays a role in making mobility work, it is presence that serves as the key to empowering the anywhere, any time, any device mantra today’s professional hopes to achieve. Where a person is no longer matters, and when utilized fully, presence gives an information user access to knowledge capable of improving the end result. Encourage usage. Presence information, especially when coupled with other UCC tools (calendar access, messaging, video, etc.) allows colleagues to immediately know where there peers are and whether or [...]


Why You Can’t Ignore Voice within Your Lync Environment

February 24, 2014 in Contact Center by

Microsoft Lync is a hot commodity in the enterprise communications realm. Enabling companies to easily integrate their existing equipment with Microsoft Office—an office suite of desktop applications, servers and services for the Microsoft Windows operating system—Lync has proven invaluable for many. Sure, Lync has certainly been shown to boost workforce productivity by supporting a more unified and consistent communications experience, but what about the quality of your organization’s mission critical voice? Perhaps you’re already familiar with Microsoft Lync and use it for such functionality as instant messaging (IM) or presence to locate fellow employees. Or, maybe you’re currently considering making the investment for your business. Either way, Microsoft Lync users and potential users alike must know that when it comes to mission-critical voice, they need a reliable solution that fits the Lync environment while keeping complexities at bay. Why? 2013 data from Forrester Research shows that although the adoption rates [...]


The Evolution of Contact Center Software

February 18, 2014 in Contact Center by

Since its humble beginnings, the contact center has served the same vital purpose: being a centralized space for sending and receiving volumes of phone requests. Although the purpose of the contact center has remained untouched, that doesn’t mean the software behind it has. Quite the opposite, in fact: Contact center technology has become unbelievably sophisticated over the years, introducing its leaders to a wide array of spectacular solutions for accelerating business and seeing a more positive bottom line. To further prove this point, let’s take a look at some contact center software from yesteryear, as well as contact center technology that has surfaced more recently. Oldies but Goodies Automatic call distributor (ACD): An ACD—one of the most basic contact center features—is found within computer telephony integration (CTI). The software’s main function is allocating incoming calls to a specific group of terminals, and it has been doing so since the 1960s. [...]